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Review for ‘When The Friendship Has Sailed’ Weird Sisters Theatre | August 2018

by Everything Theatre | Aug 12, 2018

“A versatile cast, clever props and a well-rounded piece that delivers lots of humour alongside the take-home message. The cast and crew should be proud.”

Review for ‘The Pillowman’ Underground Productions

by Aussie Theatre | Mar 18, 2015

“The Pillowman is an astonishingly brilliant piece of writing by Martin McDonagh, which Palfrey, along with the cast and crew have created a marvelous piece of theatre.”

Review for ‘Bitches’ Short + Sweet

by Blue Curtain Brisbane | Aug 24, 2014

“A clear and deserved audience favourite (and one of the two works selected to play in repeat performance at the Gala Finals at the Brisbane Powerhouse at the end of September) was the comedy “Bitches”, about two warring dog show owners and their prize-winning bitches, played to canine comic perfection by Bonnie Mullins and Xanthe Jones, including some ad-libbed reactions to a mobile phone audience interruption (#whatiswrongwithpeople)”.

Scenestr of the Day

by Scenestr | Aug 14, 2014

Reviews for Autobahn Set design

by Aussie Theatre | Oct 7, 2013

To emphasise the intimacy of being confined to your average family vehicle, the audience is invited up onto the stage and seated to experience the drama up very close and very personal. The set is simple and effective, leaving little to distract from the actors, allowing them the audience’s complete attention.

Short + Sweet Interview by Spool Collective

by Spool Collective | Aug, 2013